5 Easy Steps to Help You Get Your Kids Ready to go Back to School

Girl Geting ready to go Back to School

1. Establish a routine. There is nothing worse than sending a blood shot eyed teen off for their first day of school. Sleep is essential for success. As a mom or dad you know that. The first step to helping you ease back into that perfect sleep to school to play routine is a strict schedule that starts a couple weeks before school starts. This will make the first day a breeze. Make sure you are waking your kids up in plenty of time to eat, get dressed, and chat before everyone has to rush out the door.

2. Get a calendar of school events. Summer has been a breeze. A couple summer camps and very little structure has been a nice break, but get ready for the whirl wind called the school year to begin. With all the happenings you are going to need a calendar. Start early by listing all the days your kids get off school and take from a week to week basis from there. There is nothing worse than forgetting a school recital. Try your child's school website for a calendar of the years events, if it isn't there don't be afraid to call the school.

3. Go school shopping. But before go school shopping, don't forget to take a second and plan what you actually need to purchase before school begins. Many teachers have a very specific list of supplies needed so don't get too excited about the lists you are finding all over the internet and at the stores. Some are very helpful, but don't purchase it all and find your child's teacher has an entirely different list.

4. Gather your child's records. Registration for school can be a hassle. Before you dive in, check the school's website for a list of documents needed to register. If there isn't a list online, try calling the school to find out so you can be fully prepared when you arrive at the school on registration day.

5. Arrange transportation. Whether you plan on sending little jonny on a bus, with your neighbor, or in your mini van, you need to discuss and plan your child's transportation to school so that everyone understands. Car pools are wonderful, but they can also be terrible if you don't communicate. Plus you don't want your son or daughter to be waiting hours after school for a ride because he or she didn't get the memo.

Getting ready for your children to go back to school can be a hassle. Plan ahead and get yourself ready without the stress.

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