Gravity Matters Soundtrack

Gravity Matters Album Artwork

Willa with music director/producer Craig Poole produced 15 - some new, some pre-recorded - songs from five mesmerizing, uniquely different artists. The Gravity Matters Compilation CD represents just about every genre of music you could think of. From the edgy-soft rock-funky sound of Greg Simpson, to ska-esque-indie-like but unique style of Shae, to the rock-n-roll-soothing-bass sounds of Clay, to the bigger than life-soulful sound of Joslyn, to the country-british pop-intoxicating melodies of Freddy, no one will come away from listening to this album disappointed!

In the Gravity Matters Compilation CD, Willa and Craig have shown us all how acoustic can meet electric, dark can meet light and opposites can blend seamlessly for a truly transforming experience. Equal to the music are the hopeful messages promoted throughout. From love and loss, happiness and despair, hurt and redemption and love and hope, this is one album you will not only find to be musically and lyrically inspiring but useful in every home for any age as well.

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