Pressed Memories by Shae

Pressed Memories album artwork

Shae's debut album, Pressed Memories is a fun, feel good ride. This pure joy album has it all! Stylistically as a whole, Pressed Memories is in a genre all its own. Each individual song evokes dramatically different almost like, but not styles from the ska-esque Red Shoes to the indie-like Australia. Listeners and musicians alike will love Shae's sound with Craig Poole's timeless 'sweet' bass riffs that masterfully thread throughout her unique style. Pressed Memories marks the accomplishment of Shae's inner most heartfelt goal she has had since she was a little girl, writing Cookie Cutter when she was just 14 years old.

Like her music, Shae is in a category of her own, graduating with an associate degree from Dixie State college two weeks before her high school graduation and earning a bachelors degree in technical writing just after her 19th birthday. Author, songwriter, musician, college graduate, wife and mother.

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Shae's Laugh Again Music Video

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